User Test Report (Computer Maintenance)

scenes from the 5x86 PC buildCreative Commons License Blake Patterson via Compfight



The instruction topic I chose was how to do some routine maintenance of a Windows PC. My target audience is very wide because most people regardless of age, own some sort of personal computer at home. I felt it was important to guide people on how to do this maintenance so that they do not have to pay an IT professional to accomplish these tasks.



The objective was to provide an easily accessible document, that would provide the user step by step instructions to defragment their hard drive and then backup up important data to another location. These are important tasks for anyone using a computer because many people lose important data by not performing this routine maintenance.



  • My draft was pretty much the final product you see. I tried to make sure my instruction was complete and easy to follow. I think it was a success in that regard.
  • The test readers I had for this report were Ryan Nagamatsu, Jongwoo Won, and Rachael Abarca. I think this was a great representation of my audience. Ryan is a computer major so he represented an advanced user. J is not a computer major but is well versed in technology as well. Finally, Rachael was a good representation of a beginning user.
  • The location of these test were conducting at each test readers home. Location is not a big factor in this test because a computer can be portable, so this test can be carried out in many locations.
  • The procedure I used was to have each test reader follow the instructions step by step and walk their way through the guide. My goal was to have them be able to get through the instructions without having to ask me any questions, which would show that the guide is complete.


Results and Discussion

I received positive feedback from all of the test readers. They really liked the specific screenshots that I put into the document because its a lot easier to understand something if  you can see it to. They felt that my instructions were precise and easy to follow.  I had good variety of knowledge levels of experience with computers within my test group. I think this is very important when it comes to a step by step manual, because you want all levels of users to be able to understand your document.



Overall, I feel like my instruction manual was a success. Every test reader had no problem understanding my instructions and felt like I explained things well enough to help them with the understanding. I don’t feel like there are any revisions to make at this time, looking at the results of the test. One regret I had with this project was me being out of town without my computer. I didn’t have a chance to give anybody feedback on their instructions and I know I could of helped out.


Big shout out to Ryan, J, and Rachael! You all gave me great feedback and I appreciate you taking the time to look at my instruction.


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  1. Tyler,
    This is good, basic work. As you know, in this class, every blog post is required to have images that support the text. For this assignment, people mostly used their videos:
    but other photographed the user tests and posted key photos that showed their testers at work.

    But you have the concept of this very common kind of report, which is the main thing!

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