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Hi Everyone,

My name is Tyler and I am currently a second year student at LCC. I am pursuing an A.A.S. in Computer Network Operations. I am really passionate about computers and new technology so It is neat to be able to utilize technology in this class. Although I love computers, I also try to keep my life balanced by going outdoors. I love hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, and basically anything that gets me outside! Over the last 10 years I have worked for the Forest Service. During that time I’ve worked in most departments, everything from public information to firefighting. This experience has giving me a great appreciation for our National Forests and Wildernesses. If anyone has questions about hikes or places to recreate, feel free to ask me!

I think technical writing is extremely important and I have seen how important it is in the federal government. Within the government documentation is huge and most employees have to draft up at least some type of technical document. Many times, the biologists and technicians have to compile a technical document with scientific findings to present a project they want to implement. This is a very important process as it could be the difference between a project getting approved or rejected. This means that technical writing may be one of the most important factors in success in the government. I imagine this holds true in most places.

I am looking forward to getting to know everyone in the class and learning more about them. It may take me a bit to get the hang of this whole blogging thing but I think this is great practice, especially for a IT major! With the growth of Internet I can’t imagine too many business that don’t have at least some online presence, so it is important that we learn skills that will help us be employable.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. wittlcc17 says:

    Hey, Tyler!

    That was a great first post. I think this class has a great set up for the foundation of your degree. Being involved with the forest community must have been a great adventure for you! I thought you brought a great point about how technical writing skills are necessary for government operations, project approval. What comes to mind for me in government operations is funding; grant writing in particular. Most forms of communication have particular formats that information is meant to be exchanged in. If the information doesn’t follow the strict guidelines, it’s likely it won’t be taken seriously.

    I think that your high involvement with the outdoors is very valuable and I just might be in contact with you about some cool places to hike around here. I like places that are more secluded than the usual hiking trails . I am also new to this blogging thing, so far everything is going as planned. I’m pretty sure you’re in my writing circle. Here’s the link to my blog if you would like to check it out, .


    • twooley7 says:

      Hi Whitney!

      Thank you for the compliment! You bring up great points about grant writing. I didn’t include in my post but it is absolutely necessary to be able to write grants to get funding. That is a large portion of many of the upper level Forest Service jobs.

      You can definitely contact me about trails in the area! The position that I work in the summertime is actually a lot like being an interpreter for the parks service. I am like you, I enjoy trails that get away from the people. I think it allows you to really take in the whole experience, I really enjoy the peacefulness. Do you have any favorite hikes?

      Thanks for commenting and looking forward to chatting with you throughout the term!

  2. Ryujiro says:

    Hi, Tyler. My name is Ryu. It’s nice to see you! I am also a second year student at Lane, and I really love technology too! So I have taken some computer science classes at Lane. I totally agree with you that this technical writing skill is really important for IT major. I am not from the States, although, I’ve heard that there are some good hiking places in Eugene. I definitely try it out! I hope you enjoy this spring term. Ryu

    • twooley7 says:

      Hi Ryu! That is great to hear! What degree are you pursuing? I know many good hiking areas that I could point you to. Thanks for responding!

  3. miranddaaa says:

    Hi Tyler!

    Sounds like you really love computers! I really feel like you might be able to give me a few good hints about this whole blogging thing, even though you say you are a beginner! I agree that technical writing can be very important in government work. I know that anyone who works for Uncle Sam has to cross their t’s and dot their i’s when it comes to paperwork. Sounds like you might have already experienced some of that working for the Forest Service. You have a great job if you love to hike. I’d love to hear some of your favorite spots, my personal favorite is Blue Pool. Thanks for reading my response. Please take some time to read my blog at I really meant it when I said I was new at this and had some difficulty with getting my first post published. I appreciate if you are able to get to it.

    • twooley7 says:


      Very nice meet you Miranda! You are spot on about your thoughts on the government and paper work. Those two things go hand and hand!

      The Blue Pool is a great hike, sounds like you know the good ones if that is your favorite!

      I definitely know where you are coming from about getting the blog going! It was quite the challenge but I think we will all be pretty good at it by the end!

      Looking forward to reading your post!

  4. Tyler,
    You’re off to a very strong start! I really appreciate the support of the importance of technical writing!
    1. Overall, your punctuation skills are great; however, look at these two sentences, for just one example:
    “I think technical writing is extremely important and I have seen how important it is in the federal government. Within the government documentation is huge and most employees have to draft up at least some type of technical document.”
    You’re missing your FANBOYS comma in one sentence and your introductory comma in the other. Make it a point to sharpen up on these in this class:
    Here is a video to refresh:
    Learn four major comma rules. This video covers the following comma rules: 1) Using commas in a series, 2) Using commas with coordinate adjectives, 3) Using a comma with a conjunction, and 4) Using a comma after an introductory phrase.
    Or you can work with a tutor–email them to talk about remote tutoring
    Close editing is essential.

    2. Every blog post is required to include at least one image, and that image should refer to the content of your blog post and be correctly attributed. Include a source caption for every image. That information is here:

    I think that’s about it for now!
    And I always end with this statement:
    I post feedback on your blog and your grade on Moodle where you can see it by clicking on “grades.” You are welcome to revise within seven days for a higher grade, although you can’t earn an A if I don’t feel you have made a “good faith” effort to begin with. Make sure to Moodle message me when you want to to return to take a second look at your blog, okay?

    Great to have you on board! 🙂

  5. jwon says:

    Hi Tyler. My name is Jongwoo Won (I’ll go by J). I am glad to meet you. I have great interesting in new technology too! I want to major in Neuro-engineering. Sadly, I figured out that I am poor at computer science and don’t like it in last term, so I jealous of you. Actually, despite I don’t like to go outside, I went to some mountains in Oregon with my friends since mountain’s pictures were awesome. Again, nice to meet you Tyler!

  6. amandazarate says:


    Your intro blog post was fun to read. I like computers and technology as well, but I think it is easy to get sucked into it. Spending your other time outdoors is a great way to balance the tech world with the real world outdoors! I do think you will benefit from this class being that you love computers. I have just a little experience with wordpress, but technical stuff not so much! I look forward to reading your next post!

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